Monday, 2 May 2011

Here we go..

So, this is the blogging world.  All new to me.  I don't twitter, I haven't a Facebook account yet and I hardly use my numerous e-mail accounts.  So why start now when I'm just the wrong side of 40?  Well, seeing as I'm entering the epublishing world I need to keep a presence on the Web.  It's all part of the marketing strategy for my books.

However, rather than hounding all of the forums when my books were available (and getting a bad rep) I thought I'd start a blog that followed my progress from beginning to...who knows where.

The signs are looking good for ebooks.  Sales have been steadily increasing for a while now and 2010 saw an explosion in sales which look set to continue with the increase in iPads, Tablet PC's and eReaders.  Hence my foray into publishing my books as ebooks.

My strategy for this venture has been inspired by Dean Wesley Smith.  His website has amazing information on the whole writing and publishing business.  A lot of experience from him and everyone who comments on his posts.  If there's a must read website for all aspiring writers it is his one.

So I hope you'll stick around and feel free to comment on anything I write.

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