Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Publishing Dates Change and Why

The world of publishing is in a fast changing phase at the moment and so, it would seem, is my mind.  Just recently I blogged about how I had finally sat down and set out the publishing dates for the three books I want to release this year.  Well, I've decided to make a change already.

Reading and participating in forums and blogs, the subject of marketing is high on my list at the moment.  I am still learning the ropes when it comes to marketing my work.  One of the strategies I've read about is to use promotional pricing of one book to help the sales of others.  This should work best if you have two or more books in a series available.  Especially if you are an unknown author.

Therefore, my plan is to publish Psychic Knights 2 on the 16th October instead of in December.  This will ensure that both Psychic Knights books will be available before Christmas.  Then just before the Christmas period I will lower the price of the first book in a promotion to capture new readers who will hopefully go on to buy the second book.

Now all I have to do is write them. : >)

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  1. One of the amazing things about the new options in publishing is the incredible speed. I think you're wise to pair marketing learning with the actual writing--but having such a wealth of content, and being able to get it out there, is a terrific thing. Good luck with it all, and I'd love to trade marketing ideas as they come up--I am preparing for the (much more protracted) release of my debut novel...